User Interface Modding

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Titans-icon.png Planetary Annihilation User Interface Modding

The Planetary Annihilation User Interface (UI) is based on the following technologies:

Gold-rank-icon.png PA User Interface Scenes and Panels

The PA user interface is web based using an in-game browser provided by Coherent UI 2 that interacts with the PA engine.

Each HTML page is loaded as a scene under the following fixed hierarchy:

  • main
    • game > start, server_browser, etc
    • uberbar

Each scene can also load other scenes as panels (similar to an iFrame as they do not share session storage).

eg the game and uberbar scenes are loaded as panels by main.

The game scene defaults to the start scene and this changes as the user navigates between the following: (listed in alphabetical order)

There are also two special hidden atlas scenes:

Gold-rank-icon.png PA User Interface Modding Guidelines

  • no remote loading (no longer needed now that we have auto updating)
  • do not use global scenes unless absolutely needed (avoid loading unneeded code into every UI scene)