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Titans-icon.png Planetary Annihilation TITANS and Classic PA Timeline

Planetary Annihilation is now developed and published by Planetary Annihilation Inc.

Official timeline:

Classic PA Kickstarter

The classic PA Kickstarter closed in September 2012 at ~US$2.25 million from 44,162 backers with an original funding goal of US$900,000.

In comparison the budget for Supreme Commander 1 (excluding Forged Alliance) would now be well over US$20 million when adjusted for increases in game development costs over the last 10 years.

Sadly the much smaller budget in comparison was too low to fund a full story mode / campaign.

Titans / experimentals / super units / megabots were specifically excluded from classic PA and were not part of the Kickstarter pitch.

Uber Entertainment History

Uber developed Classic PA with a new engine in less than two years (September 2012 - September 2014)

Titans is a standalone expansion released in August 2015 with higher minimum specs to support new units, multi-level terrain and wreckage.

Titans Overview:

Titans is free for the original 44,000+ Kickstarter backers of classic PA from September 2012 and is 90% off (US$3.99) for all other classic PA owners.

Gold-rank-icon.png Original Planetary Annihilation Team (2014)


Gold-rank-icon.png Development & Updates Timeline

Official timeline:

2012-08-15 [1] Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter begins
2012-09-14 [2] Kickstarter Ends & Payment Processed
2013-03-22 [3] Engine Tech Livestream
2013-04-18 [4] Live Game Client Demonstration Live Stream
2013-05-03 [5] Combat Livestream
2013-05-17 [6] Pre-Alpha Livestream
2013-06-06 [7] Alpha Begins

9 months after Kickstarter Ended

2013-06-13 [8] [9] Steam Early Access
2013-06-28 [10] First Alpha Live Stream
2013-07-30 [11] Second Alpha Live Stream
2013-08-14 [12] Third Alpha Live Stream
2013-09-26 [13] Beta Begins
2013-10-11 [14] Beta Livestream
2013-11-22 [15] Final Beta Invites
2013-11-27 [16] Fall Livestream
2014-01-17 [17] Gameplay Livestream
2014-02-27 [18] Gamma Begins
2014-04-24 [19] [20] Gamma Update Livestream
2014-05-22 [21] [22] Galactic War
2014-06-03 [23] Developer Walkthrough
2014-06-05 [24] Soundtrack Available
2014-06-20 [25] Early Access Retail Edition
2014-08-11 [26] Launch Price $29.99
2014-09-05 [27]
Official Launch
2014-10-01 [28] Steam Achievements / Badges / Trading
2014-10-02 [29] Human Resources Kickstarter begins
2014-10-07 [30] Jables Starts as PA Producer
2014-10-09 73939 DRM Free Offline Play
2014-10-20 Human Resources Kickstarter cancelled :-(
2014-11 Uber Entertainment Layoffs :-(
2014-11-25 75539

1v1 Ranked

Advanced System Editor

AI Improvements

2014-12-17 76557 Unit Cannon
2015-01-28 77443 Submarines and Interplanetary Fighter
2015-03-13 79600 Offline Single Player Save / Load
2015-04-14 80462 [31] Online Single Player Save / Load
2015-05-28 82293 Resume Anywhere
2015-06-09 82834 Galactic War Redesign
2015-07-31 85138 Asteroids
2015-08-18 86422 TITANS LAUNCH

Free to Kickstarter Backers

66% off for existing owners of classic PA

Experimental Titans

New Units

Unit Wreckage

New Terrain

Bounty Mode


Balance Changes

New Engine Mechanics to support Titans

Concurrent updates to both Titans & Classic PA

AI Improvements

Galactic War Improvements

New Maps

Notification & Sound Alerts Improvements

Balance Changes

2015-08-26 86765

Balance Changes

Polish / Fixes

2015-09-09 87296

AI Improvements

Polish / Fixes

2015-09-21 88163

AI Improvements

Polish / Fixes

2015-09-23 88288 Hotfix
2015-10-14 89528 Hotfix
2015-10-22 89755

AI Improvements

Polish / Fixes

2016-05-31 94684 Community Update

Community Mods In-Game Mod Manager

Custom Servers support

Legion Expansion support

Modding Improvements

Polish / Fixes

2016-11-21 99377 Performance Update

Multi-threaded local servers

AI Improvements

LZ4 Compression for Sever Mods (2x faster)

System Editor Rework

Connect to Game Improvements

Polish / Fixes

2016-12-05 Chat Global Community Chat
2016-12-20 [32] Legion Expansion Faction Mod
2017-03-05 Unit Restrictions via Community Mods
2017-06-21 105067 Enhancement Update

POV Camera

Balance Changes - Removed Commander Reclaim

Alternative Win Conditions - Sudden Death Mode for teams

Sim Speed Control for Local Servers

16 New Free Commanders

2017-10-17 108271 Balance and Community Servers Update

Balance Changes - Zeus, Leveler, Gil-E

Polish / Fixes

New Community Servers options

AI Improvements (via Community Mods)

2017-11-25 1v1 Rank Display Improvements (via Community Mods)
2017-11-26 Galactic War Exploring Improvements (via Community Mods)
2017-12-04 Unit Restrictions Improvements (via Community Mods)
2017-12-27 Game Browser Sorting Improvements (via Community Mods)
2018-04-09 109959 Official Chinese Translations
2018-04-15 110029 Hotfix for Windows and Linux Connection Issues
2018-04-17 110069 Hotfix for macOS Connection Issues
2018-04-18 Updated Uber Launchers
2018-04-22 Replay Browser Improvements (via Community Mods)
2018-05-01 Updated Uber Launchers
2018-05-12 Game Browser Improvements (via Community Mods)
2018-08-18 [33] Planetary Annihilation Inc

Permanent 90% off TITANS upgrade discount for existing classic PA owners

2018-08-25 [34] sorian returns to work on multi-threading, sim performance, new mechanics and AI
2018-09-05 [35] Classic PA removed from sale

(no impact on current owners with concurrent updates to both games)

Official Planetary Annihilation Discord Server

2018-09-15 [36] Deprecation of 32 bit client support and older unsupportable operating systems

New Community Rules and Guidelines

2018-10-18 112176 Multi-threading and Performance Improvements

AI Improvements

Improved Crash Reporting

Polish / Fixes

Balance Changes

Modding Improvements (icon atlases optimised for up to 99,225 strategic icons)

2018-11-02 112314 TITANS 1v1 Ranked Ladder Reset and Seasons

Multi-threading on Official Servers

AI Improvements

2018-12-20 112589-pte Modern Toolchain Test Builds with Audio Modding

AI Improvements

2018-12-31 112595 / 112589 Happy New Year Updates

Modern Toolchain Builds on Official Servers

AI Improvements

Audio Modding

Polish / Fixes

Dedicated Servers

Official Guides

2018-01-25 TITANS 1v1 Ranked Ladder Season 2

New 1v1 Ranked Map Pool

2018-02-07 112835 TITANS 1v1 Ranked Leaderboard Update

2018-03-08 113044 / 113034 Translations, AI and Modern Updates

Updated and new translations for French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chines and Traditional Chinese

AI Improvements

Polish / Fixes

Balance Changes

2018-03-20 113132 Translations, AI and Modern Updates

First Pass of Polish Translations (incomplete)

Polish / Fixes

AI Improvements

2018-05-25 113298 / 113316 PAnet and TITANS 1v1 Ranked Season 3

Modern servers with faster CPUs, more memory and increased bandwidth

New regions including Singapore, Tokyo and USWest

Official Dutch and Polish Translations

AI Improvements

Polish / Fixes

Balance Changes

2018-05-25 113410 / 113426 / 113430 TITANS 1v1 Ranked Mid-Season 3 Winners

Custom Line Formations

AI Improvements

Polish / Fixes

Balance Changes

After 2018-05-25 see

Gold-rank-icon.png Planetary Annihilation Technology

Planetary Annihilation is a cross platform client / server networked OpenGL application with a new engine developed in C++11 and a moddable HTML5 user interface using CoherentUI based on Chromium.

Technology links:

Game AI Pro (early approaches to tech used in Planetary Annihilation):

  • 23. Crowd Pathfinding and Steering using Flow Field Tiles (Elijah Emerson)
  • 30. Using Neural Networks to Control Agent Threat Response (Michael Robbins)

GDC 2012 Off The Beaten Path (early approaches to tech used in Planetary Annihilation):

  • 17 minutes: Neural Networks in Supreme Commander 2 (Michael Robbins)