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Titans-icon.png Planetary Annihilation TITANS and Classic PA Timeline

Planetary Annihilation is now developed and published by Planetary Annihilation Inc.

Classic PA Kickstarter

The classic PA Kickstarter closed in September 2012 at ~US$2.25 million from 44,162 backers with an original funding goal of US$900,000.

In comparison the budget for Supreme Commander 1 (excluding Forged Alliance) would now be well over US$20 million when adjusted for increases in game development costs over the last 10 years.

Sadly the much smaller budget in comparison was too low to fund a full story mode / campaign.

Titans / experimentals / super units / megabots were specifically excluded from classic PA and were not part of the Kickstarter pitch.

Uber Entertainment History

Uber developed Classic PA with a new engine in less than two years (September 2012 - September 2014)

Titans is a standalone expansion released in August 2015 with higher minimum specs to support new units, multi-level terrain and wreckage.

Titans Overview:

Titans is free for the original 44,000+ Kickstarter backers of classic PA from September 2012 and is 90% off (US$3.99) for all other classic PA owners.

Gold-rank-icon.png Original Planetary Annihilation Team (2014)


Gold-rank-icon.png Development & Updates Timeline

Official timeline:

2012-08-15 [1] Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter begins
2012-09-14 [2] Kickstarter Ends & Payment Processed
2013-03-22 [3] Engine Tech Livestream
2013-04-18 [4] Live Game Client Demonstration Live Stream
2013-05-03 [5] Combat Livestream
2013-05-17 [6] Pre-Alpha Livestream
2013-06-06 [7] Alpha Begins

9 months after Kickstarter Ended

2013-06-13 [8] [9] Steam Early Access
2013-06-28 [10] First Alpha Live Stream
2013-07-30 [11] Second Alpha Live Stream
2013-08-14 [12] Third Alpha Live Stream
2013-09-26 [13] Beta Begins
2013-10-11 [14] Beta Livestream
2013-11-22 [15] Final Beta Invites
2013-11-27 [16] Fall Livestream
2014-01-17 [17] Gameplay Livestream
2014-02-27 [18] Gamma Begins
2014-04-24 [19] [20] Gamma Update Livestream
2014-05-22 [21] [22] Galactic War
2014-06-03 [23] Developer Walkthrough
2014-06-05 [24] Soundtrack Available
2014-06-20 [25] Early Access Retail Edition
2014-08-11 [26] Launch Price $29.99
2014-09-05 [27]
Official Launch
2014-10-01 [28] Steam Achievements / Badges / Trading
2014-10-02 [29] Human Resources Kickstarter begins
2014-10-07 [30] Jables Starts as PA Producer
2014-10-09 73939 DRM Free Offline Play
2014-10-20 Human Resources Kickstarter cancelled :-(
2014-11 Uber Entertainment Layoffs :-(
2014-11-25 75539

1v1 Ranked

Advanced System Editor

AI Improvements

2014-12-17 76557 Unit Cannon
2015-01-28 77443 Submarines and Interplanetary Fighter
2015-03-13 79600 Offline Single Player Save / Load
2015-04-14 80462 [31] Online Single Player Save / Load
2015-05-28 82293 Resume Anywhere
2015-06-09 82834 Galactic War Redesign
2015-07-31 85138 Asteroids
2015-08-18 86422 TITANS LAUNCH

Free to Kickstarter Backers

66% off for existing owners of classic PA

Experimental Titans

New Units

Unit Wreckage

New Terrain

Bounty Mode


Balance Changes

New Engine Mechanics to support Titans

Concurrent updates to both Titans & Classic PA

AI Improvements

Galactic War Improvements

New Maps

Notification & Sound Alerts Improvements

Balance Changes

2015-08-26 86765

Balance Changes

Polish / Fixes

2015-09-09 87296

AI Improvements

Polish / Fixes

2015-09-21 88163

AI Improvements

Polish / Fixes

2015-09-23 88288 Hotfix
2015-10-14 89528 Hotfix
2015-10-22 89755

AI Improvements

Polish / Fixes

2016-05-31 94684 Community Update

Community Mods In-Game Mod Manager

Custom Servers support

Legion Expansion support

Modding Improvements

Polish / Fixes

2016-11-21 99377 Performance Update

Multi-threaded local servers

AI Improvements

LZ4 Compression for Sever Mods (2x faster)

System Editor Rework

Connect to Game Improvements

Polish / Fixes

2016-12-05 Chat Global Community Chat
2016-12-20 [32] Legion Expansion Faction Mod
2017-03-05 Unit Restrictions via Community Mods
2017-06-21 105067 Enhancement Update

POV Camera

Balance Changes - Removed Commander Reclaim

Alternative Win Conditions - Sudden Death Mode for teams

Sim Speed Control for Local Servers

16 New Free Commanders

2017-10-17 108271 Balance and Community Servers Update

Balance Changes - Zeus, Leveler, Gil-E

Polish / Fixes

New Community Servers options

AI Improvements (via Community Mods)

2017-11-25 1v1 Rank Display Improvements (via Community Mods)
2017-11-26 Galactic War Exploring Improvements (via Community Mods)
2017-12-04 Unit Restrictions Improvements (via Community Mods)
2017-12-27 Game Browser Sorting Improvements (via Community Mods)
2018-04-09 109959 Official Chinese Translations
2018-04-15 110029 Hotfix for Windows and Linux Connection Issues
2018-04-17 110069 Hotfix for macOS Connection Issues
2018-04-18 Updated Uber Launchers
2018-04-22 Replay Browser Improvements (via Community Mods)
2018-05-01 Updated Uber Launchers
2018-05-12 Game Browser Improvements (via Community Mods)
2018-08-18 [33] Planetary Annihilation Inc

Permanent 90% off TITANS upgrade discount for existing classic PA owners

2018-08-25 [34] sorian returns to work on multi-threading, sim performance, new mechanics and AI
2018-09-05 [35] Classic PA removed from sale

(no impact on current owners with concurrent updates to both games)

Official Planetary Annihilation Discord Server

2018-09-15 [36] Deprecation of 32 bit client support and older unsupportable operating systems

New Community Rules and Guidelines

2018-10-18 112176 Multi-threading and Performance Improvements

AI Improvements

Improved Crash Reporting

Polish / Fixes

Balance Changes

Modding Improvements (icon atlases optimised for up to 99,225 strategic icons)

2018-11-02 112314 TITANS 1v1 Ranked Ladder Reset and Seasons

Multi-threading on Official Servers

AI Improvements

2018-12-20 112589-pte Modern Toolchain Test Builds with Audio Modding

AI Improvements

2018-12-31 112595 / 112589 Happy New Year Updates

Modern Toolchain Builds on Official Servers

AI Improvements

Audio Modding

Polish / Fixes

Dedicated Servers

Official Guides

2018-01-25 TITANS 1v1 Ranked Ladder Season 2

New 1v1 Ranked Map Pool

2018-02-07 112835 TITANS 1v1 Ranked Leaderboard Update

2018-03-08 113044 / 113034 Translations, AI and Modern Updates

Updated and new translations for French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chines and Traditional Chinese

AI Improvements

Polish / Fixes

Balance Changes

2018-03-20 113132 Translations, AI and Modern Updates

First Pass of Polish Translations (incomplete)

Polish / Fixes

AI Improvements

2018-05-25 113298 / 113316 PAnet and TITANS 1v1 Ranked Season 3

Modern servers with faster CPUs, more memory and increased bandwidth

New regions including Singapore, Tokyo and USWest

Official Dutch and Polish Translations

AI Improvements

Polish / Fixes

Balance Changes

2018-05-25 113410 / 113426 / 113430 TITANS 1v1 Ranked Mid-Season 3 Winners

Custom Line Formations

AI Improvements

Polish / Fixes

Balance Changes

Gold-rank-icon.png Planetary Annihilation Technology

Planetary Annihilation is a cross platform client / server networked OpenGL application with a new engine developed in C++11 and a moddable HTML5 user interface using CoherentUI based on Chromium.

Technology links:

Game AI Pro (early approaches to tech used in Planetary Annihilation):

  • 23. Crowd Pathfinding and Steering using Flow Field Tiles (Elijah Emerson)
  • 30. Using Neural Networks to Control Agent Threat Response (Michael Robbins)

GDC 2012 Off The Beaten Path (early approaches to tech used in Planetary Annihilation):

  • 17 minutes: Neural Networks in Supreme Commander 2 (Michael Robbins)