Planetary Annihilation Community Dedicated Server

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Titans-icon.png Planetary Annihilation Community Dedicated Server

The Community Dedicated Server is supported by community donations.

Gold-rank-icon.png 5GHz Water Cooled i7-7700K 64GB Dedicated Server with Custom Linux Build

We are testing an overclocked 5GHz water cooled i7-7700K 64GB dedicated server with a custom linux build @ US$130 per month funded by community members.

Platinum-rank-icon.png Hosting

Please remember to promote any big games in community chat and allow as many people as possible to participate with 5 spectator slots always open.

When starting please update community chat that the game has started and the number of free spectator slots open. Spectators have little impact on this server.

The server can handle 20-25 FFA depending on system and play style. 20 FFA is the recommended max.

For team games shared is always preferred as every player in a shared team is combined into a single army. eg 6v6v6v6v6 with 30 players are 5 armies.

With unshared teams each player is a separate army. ie more like an FFA with static alliances.

Platinum-rank-icon.png Replays

Replays are saved automatically after game over when the last client disconnects or after 3 minutes.

To make sure the server is available for more games all remaining clients will be disconnected 6 minutes after game over.

Download the replay if you want to review.

Replays are synced automatically to:

Platinum-rank-icon.png Casting

If you play an interesting game then please post the game replay name for @wpmarshall to review in the following thread:

Platinum-rank-icon.png Server / Sim Performance

Please make sure you read: Server Sim Performance / Time Dilation / RAM Usage

AI have a big impact on server performance and should be avoided.

Please note that servers can crash especially under sim pressure and no replay will be saved for games that crash.