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Planetary Annihilation Server Mods

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Server Mods

Server mods are uploaded to the server then downloaded and mounted (loaded) on each client to change the experience for all players.

Only server mods can change the unit roster or unit specs in a multiplayer game.

Server Mod Types

There are four basic types of server mods:

  • user interface (UI)
  • simple unit
  • complex balance / overhaul
  • biome / map

UI server mods can modify the user experience in the new game lobby and live game.

Examples of simple unit server mods are:

  • change unit specs
  • remove a unit eg Ragnarok
  • add a new type of unit

Some aspects of units can be changed in a client mod:

  • visual effects
  • build eg area separation

Server Mod Guidelines

Server mods should NOT:

  • install outside of current game
  • make changes to user settings or data without permission
  • take over PA in any way eg full screen with no cancel option
  • prevent players from leaving game
  • show inappropriate content

Badly behaved server mods will be killed.

Large Server Mod Recommendations

Server mods have to be uploaded to the server and then downloaded to every client.

Minimise the size of your server mod by:

  • splitting all files not needed by the server into a companion client mod
  • separate any client files not needed to play the game into another separate client mod eg start scene / server browser / settings / branding
  • merge or include during build any dependent mods that do not need to be separate eg xenophobia

The final setup would be:

  • host server mod (only files needed by the server for creating a mod game)
  • optional player companion client mod (files needed to join or spectate a mod game / replay)
  • optional UI / branding client mod (start, settings, server browser, intro, etc)

Dependencies are:

  • server mod depends on player companion mod and UI / branding client mod
  • no dependencies for player companion client mod
  • no dependencies for optional client mod

Installing the main server mod will install the client mods.

The companion client mod can be disabled to improve startup performance on slower systems.

The companion client mod will be automatically mounted when hosting, spectating or joining a mod game.

The UI / branding client mod can also be disabled.

Testing Filesystem Server Mod Changes During Live Games on Local Servers

To enable (re)publishing of filesytem server mods in live games while testing:

The default key binding for (re)publishing server mods is control-alt-p (settings > keyboard > dev mode > publish server mods)

Changes to unit specs will be applied to new units (existing units are not updated).

This functionality may cause lots of crashes.

Use a free code editor like Visual Studio Code to prevent instant crashes due to JSON errors.

Creating a New Unit

Importing an existing unit