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Planetary Annihilation Modding

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Mod Development

Development Tools

Example Mods

Submitting Your Mod

Before submitting your mod ensure that it is not outputting any errors to either the game's client or server logs.

You must create a forum post in the appropriate forum and link it in your modinfo file:

For released mods please create a post on steam discussions with prefix [MOD]:

The Community Mods server requires a downloadable URL to a ZIP archive of your top level directory containing your modinfo.json and mod files.

A new game lobby UI client mod would be submitted as a downloadable URL to:

    • modinfo.json
      • ui
        • mods
            • new_game.js

GitHub projects with static download links to a release branch are preferred for auto updating.


You can exclude files from the zip using .gitattributes:

.gitattributes export-ignore
.gitignore export-ignore

If using Dropbox links they must end with dl=1 to be downloadable.

Check the status of your mod at:

Updating Your Mod

Existing mods will update automatically if you update the existing zip without changing the URL or mod identifier. GitHub will do that automatically.

When changing your mod please remember to update the date and version.

For each update of your mod please post a new comment to your forum and steam discussions posts with any changes then update your original posts.

Check the status of your mod at:

New Mod Submission

Join the official discord: and ask to be added to the #mod-submissions channel.

Post the URL to your zip mod in the #mod-submissions channel.

This can't be a link to a download page, it must be a direct link to the zip file.

Existing mods will update automatically if you update the existing zip without changing the URL or mod identifier.

Links to GitHub are preferred.

Mod Privacy / Security Guidelines

Any mods found remotely harvesting, collecting or tracking user information will be removed and the mod creator permanently banned.

If you have a specific reason to collect information remotely then post about it first in the mod forums and ask permission.

Create your own unique identifier and save in user settings if you need to validate user identity over time.

Save only the minimal information required and do not associate or track IP addresses or any other personally identifiable information.

Assume your server will be hacked eventually so be careful what you save and how you secure data.

Server Mod Guidelines

Server mods should NOT:

  • install outside of current game
  • make changes to user settings or data without permission
  • take over PA in any way eg full screen with no cancel option
  • prevent players from leaving game
  • show inappropriate content

Badly behaved server mods will be killed.

UberId / UberName / DisplayName

Display names are considered public info and can be easily changed. They are not a reliable way to identify users.


UberIds are unique long numbers you can store as strings to identify users without personally identifiable information.


UberNames were replaced by uberIds and are only used now for linked forums names. Steam users will have an auto generated uberName like steam000000000000000.

Ubernames cannot be changed except when linking a forum account with steam.

Ubernames are used for non steam logins to PlayFab / UberNet via the Uber Launcher, PA launched manually and web based Community Chat

Note: PA Stats was never updated to use uberIds.