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Planetary Annihilation Local Server

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Planetary Annihilation Titans & Classic Local Servers

A PA server is included in every install on all platforms for local, dedicated or offline games.

Your computer specs and settings > server > local server determines when a local server is used for single player games.

  • auto (based on your computer specs)
  • on
  • off

Playing PA with a local server on the same computer requires a mid-top spec CPU and plenty of free RAM.

eg minimum 8GB and ideally 16GB.

The minimum specs for using local servers with Titans are:

  • quad core
  • 8GB RAM for dedicated GPUs
  • 12GB RAM for integrated GPUs

Failing to connect to a local server is usually caused by:

  • firewalls
  • antivirus interfering with network connections
  • corrupt files
  • broken mods