Planetary Annihilation Dedicated Server Rental

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Titans-icon.png Planetary Annihilation Dedicated Server Rental

The Planetary Annihilation Community Dedicated Server is usually available when requested in advance and is the preferred option for events.

Dedicated servers are still available to rent for events if the Community Dedicated Server is not available or if there are special requirements.

Historical donations are shown on the Donate page.


Dedicated servers cost US$0.75 per hour with a setup fee of $US$1.00 for each provision. ie the minimum cost is US$1.75 per provision.

A minimum donation of US$10.00 is required to book a dedicated server and will depend on availability.

Setup Time

Dedicated servers take 30 minutes to provision and will be setup 1 hour before your booked time.

For major events you may want to schedule your rental 1 hour prior to the event for additional testing.


Dedicated servers are hosted in the US Central zone on tier 1 network suitable for players from most countries.

Server Password

Dedicated servers are configured with a server password and will automatically appear locked in the PA multiplayer game server browser and on the game server browser.

Max Players and Spectators

Dedicated Servers are configured for a maximum of 32 players and 5 spectators.

A maximum of 20 players for FFA and unshared teams is recommended to avoid time dilation.

Server / Sim Performance

Please make sure you read: Server Sim Performance / Time Dilation / RAM Usage

AI have a big impact on server performance and should be avoided.

Please note that servers can crash especially under sim pressure and no replay will be saved for games that crash.

This is a best efforts service.


Replays for completed games will be made available on request or published to: