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Titans-icon.png Donations

The Community Dedicated Server is no longer available.

DONATE via PayPal for the Community Dedicated Server by sending donations directly to ideally in US$ to avoid fees.

Many smaller donations are preferred. eg 30 people at US$5 per month will cover the server each month.

Gold-rank-icon.png Community Dedicated Server

We are testing an overclocked 5GHz water cooled i7-7700K 64GB dedicated server with a custom linux build.

Gold-rank-icon.png Hosting

Join the new official Planetary Annihilation Discord server:

Read the rules, talk to other hosts, learn how to host games then ask permission for access.

The following have priority:

  • tournaments
  • waidhofer
  • Elite Sardaukar
  • Lula Mae
  • big FFA's that anyone can join


The server can handle 20-25 FFA depending on system and play style. 20 FFA is the recommended max with up to 32 FFA on custom designed systems.

For team games shared is always preferred as every player in a shared team is combined into a single army. eg 6v6v6v6v6 with 30 players are 5 armies.

With unshared teams each player is a separate army. ie more like an FFA with static alliances.

Promotion in Community Chat

Please remember to promote any big games in community chat and allow as many people as possible to participate with 5 spectator slots always open.

When starting please update community chat that the game has started and the number of free spectator slots open. Spectators have little impact on this server.

Platinum-rank-icon.png Rules and Guidelines

Remember that the Community Dedicated Server is for big games.

Unless explicit permission is granted for specific events such as tournaments:

  • no personal or AI skirmish games
  • no private games
  • no friends only games
  • no passworded games

Remember that you are here to play the game and not be a jerk. No spam, flaming, politics, abuse or hate speech.

Anyone hosting games which violate the Community Dedicated Server, Community Chat or Planetary Annihilation rules will be banned from hosting:

You may also be banned from hosting if you have a history of violating PA rules.

Platinum-rank-icon.png Replays

Replays are saved automatically after game over when the last client disconnects or after 3 minutes.

To make sure the server is available for more games all remaining clients will be disconnected 6 minutes after game over.

Download the replay if you want to review.

Replays are synced automatically to:

Gold-rank-icon.png Casting

If you play an interesting game then please post the game replay name for @wpmarshall to review in the following thread:

Platinum-rank-icon.png Server / Sim Performance

Please make sure you read: Server Sim Performance / Time Dilation / RAM Usage

AI have a big impact on server performance and should be avoided.

Please note that servers can crash especially under sim pressure and no replay will be saved for games that crash.

Platinum-rank-icon.png Server Build

The Community Dedicated Server has a new custom linux server build compiled using bleeding edge Clang / LLVM 7 / ThinLTO which also includes:

Server executable is 25% smaller than stable.

Community Dedicated Server Donations

Balance remaining: 2 months

The server is fully funded in April by:

Date Amount Comment
2018-04-08 $14.11 jonas
2018-04-12 $30.00 [BRN]Elite Sardaukar and [BRN]The Nosebreaker
2018-04-14 $20.00 seb_202 / Titan123321
2018-04-19 $100.00 waidhofer

The server is fully funded in March by:

Date Amount Comment
2018-03-02 $10.00 [BRN]Elite Sardaukar
2018-03-03 $5.00 iban
2018-03-04 $30.00 lulamae
2018-03-04 $39.32 acesoyster
2018-03-06 $26.78 furballman
2018-03-07 $23.82 disonnant
2018-03-11 $25.00 lordblackmatter
2018-03-11 $11.90 skywalker
2018-03-12 $14.68 [BRN]The Nosebreaker
2018-03-14 $30.23 DeathByDenim
2018-03-16 $23.81 ematarkus
2018-03-26 $3.57 Feuermagier
2018-03-30 $10.00 Hakselaar
2018-03-31 $5.00 iban

The server was partially funded in February by:

Date Amount Comment
2018-02-18 $20.00 Grandhomie
2018-02-18 $50.00 lulamae

The server was funded in January by:

Date Amount Comment
2018-01-02 $50.00 lulamae
2018-01-06 $5.00 iban
2018-01-06 $10.00 [BRN]Elite Sardaukar
2018-01-10 $50.00 n30n
2018-01-11 $50.00 germanyxx3
2018-01-13 $11.72 skywalker
2018-01-17 $30.00 elodea
2018-01-24 $9.31 jp
2018-01-30 $14.68 [BRN]The Nosebreaker

The server was partially funded in December by:

Date Amount Comment
2017-12-28 $12.93 TheEffectTheCause
2017-12-05 $4.50 iban

The server was partially funded in November by:

Date Amount Comment
2017-11-03 $23.72 [BRN]EvilSteve (monthly)
2017-11-03 $18.92 [BRN]Pshyco (monthly)
2017-11-03 $9.31 waidhofer (monthly)
2017-11-05 $23.72 [BRN]Elite Sardaukar and [BRN]The Nosebreaker
2017-11-05 NZ$21.13 Omega / Lord of Silence
2017-11-08 $9.31 Swefen
2017-11-16 $4.5- NikolaMX
2017-10-31 $9.31 iban

The server was funded in October by:

Date Amount Comment
2017-09-30 $47.35 clopse
2017-10-01 $23.72 [BRN]Elite Sardaukar and [BRN]The Nosebreaker
2017-10-02 $23.72 [BRN]EvilSteve (monthly)
2017-10-03 $18.92 [BRN]Pshyco (monthly)
2017-10-03 $9.31 waidhofer (monthly)
2017-10-03 $10.27 ematarkus

Hosting and CDN

From November 2017 to August 2018 all hosting and CDN costs were covered by Uber Entertainment donations.

From August 2018 all hosting and CDN costs were covered by Planetary Annihilation Inc.

Hosting and CDN costs are currently around US$150 per month (spiking to US$250 per month during sales) to support the following:

PA Stats has now been decommissioned to reduce costs from US$200+ (spiking to US$300+ per month).

Estimate for Halloween sales and November: US$200

Estimate for Steam Autumn Sale, Black Friday sales and December: US$250

Estimate for Steam Winter Sale, Holiday Sales and January: US$300


The CDN currently serves around 1 million requests per day with massive spikes during sales.

Stats for the 2017-12-22 Steam Winter Sale and Titans Follow-up Sale to 2018-01-08:

  • 2,700 peak concurrent users
  • 53,000+ unique users
  • 1 TB CDN data
  • 27 million CDN requests

Stats for the 2016-12-22 Steam Winter Sale and Titans Follow-up Sale to 2017-01-08:

  • 5,000 peak concurrent users
  • 50,000+ unique users
  • 2 TB CDN data
  • 37 million CDN requests

Dec 2016 - Jan 2017 stats:

  • 120,000+ unique users
  • 4.5 TB CDN data
  • 79 million CDN requests

Personal expenditure to date was US$9,000+ as of October 2017.


Nginx / Node.js are the dev stack for all new projects.

  • KeyCDN
  • Nginx 1.12.x / http2 (latest)
  • Node.js 9.x (latest) with mongodb3 driver
  • Percona MongoDB 3.4.x (still testing 3.6)
  • Debian 8.x (moving to 9.x soon)
  • Linode (8GB / 4 cores / 96 GB SSD / 4TB transfer / 40Gbit network in / 1Gbit network out / KVM)

Legacy Services

  • Apache 2.4.x / PHP 7.x
  • Percona MySQL 5.7.x+

No longer using:

  • AWS CloudFront CDN
  • DynECT anycast DNS
  • NSONE anycast DNS
  • NewRelic server monitoring

Historical Hosting / CDN Donations

Date Amount Comment
2017-10-24 $18.92 kiwi
2017-09-30 $23.72 lula mae
2017-09-26 $191.90 exterminans
2017-09-26 $18.92 blutooth
2017-09-26 $18.92 skywalker
2017-09-26 $14.11 max
2017-09-26 $9.31 rory
2017-09-26 $23.72 lars
2017-09-25 1.14 james
2017-09-25 $9.31 iban
2017-09-25 $18.92 정찬 이
2017-09-25 $4.50 chrisjshull
2017-09-25 $61.00 emarkus
2017-09-25 $14.11 dissonant
2017-09-25 $18.92 roderic
2017-09-24 $9.31 rafal
2017-08-30 $18.92 grandhomie
2017-04-30 $9.31 rafal
2017-04-25 $47.75 dom
2017-04-21 $95.80 waidhofer
2017-01-24 $49.00 dom

Historical Dedicated Server Donations

Date Amount Comment
2017-08-06 $9.31 elite
2017-08-06 $9.31 insomnia
2017-07-30 $9.31 insomnia