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Windows Incompatible Software

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Windows Incompatible Software


The following is archived content.Planetary Annihilation is a cross platform client / server networked OpenGL application.

Any software that interferes with network connections or OpenGL can cause issues.

When playing you are connecting to a local server or hosted server over the internet. Avoid playing via Wi-Fi.

System level crashes or mouse / keyboard freezes during live games are almost always a hardware / driver issue with your system. PA can really push your hardware to the max.

Antivirus, Firewall and Security Suite Software

Any software that intercepts or interferes with network connections can cause issues. You may need to add exceptions.

ESET Antivirus / Security

SSL Scanning results in network connection failures.

Disable this feature or add exceptions to avoid issues:

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

SSL connection scan may cause PA connection failures.

You need to add PA.exe to the list of trusted applications to avoid this issue:

Alternatively disable encrypted network scanning using: Settings > Additional > Network > Do not scan encrypted connections then REBOOT

Norton 360

This anti-virus might enforce some sandboxing rules that can make PA crash.

You need to check the rules and make sure both PA.exe and CoherentUI_Host.exe have "allowed" rules.


Seems to prevent certain DLLs from loading and causes a black screen in PA. Disable the services F-Secure DLL Hoster and F-Secure ORSP Client.

Software that Injects into Networking

ASUS GameFirst III

May cause horrible network lag with both online and offline servers. This software somehow effects the way networking works and it also effects connections to loopback interface ( that's used by local server.

Video Game Recording Software


Causes black screen or UI crash for some players.


Causes crash on start for some players.


Causes crashes for some players.


Causes game start up problems.

Raptr / / AMD Gaming Evolved

Causes crashes.


FPS drops.

Software using On-Screen Displays (OSD)

MSI Afterburner

Causes in-game freezes or black screens.

A known workaround is to create a profile for PA.exe in the Rivatuner Statistics Server and switch the OSD rendering mode from the default Vector3D to Vector2D. Should be fixed in RivaTuner Statistics Server v6.3.0+.

ASUS Sonic Radar

Causes black screen issue (UI crash).

Lenovo - One Key Theater

Causes crash on start (only one player reported this so far). Crash happens in twitchsdk_64_release.dll.

Software intercepting 3D API calls

Virtu MVP

Causes startup crash on both Steam and non-Steam.


Causes startup crash of Steam version.

Software that modifies window effects and management


App for virtual desktops on Windows.

windowFX and windowsBlinds

Unable to draw main menu correctly and PA becomes unresponsive. Add an exception for PA.exe to fix.


ADSafe (A Chinese program to block Advertisement)

Causes black screen in-game.

SonicWALL Virtual NIC


Logitech "Process Monitor" Setting in Drivers

Causes crashes when running PA through Steam.

Razer Game Scanner

May prevent PA from starting. It's part of Razer Comms, but the service can be disabled separately.

Razer Cortex: Game Booster

Has been reported to cause crashes.

None of the Above Software

If you don't have any software on this list then please look for similar software.

You should also try a clean boot:

That will start Windows in a mode where no background programs are running, disabling any software that could possibly interfere.

If PA functions normally in clean boot mode, then you have found an interfering program that is not on this list yet.

Please create a NEW thread in the PA support forums: