Unit Freezes / Unit Jumps / Stuttering

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Titans-icon.png Unit Freezes / Unit Jumps / Stuttering

Unit freezes, unit jumps and stuttering are usually caused by local network / transit issues or software such as firewalls / antivirus interfering with client network connections to the server (local or public).

Gold-rank-icon.png Solutions

On Windows ASUS systems uninstall ASUS GameFirst III as it interferes badly with PA.

Some firewalls and antivirus may need an exception added for both PA, the local PA server and CoherentUI.

To play online PA requires a reliable broadband connection with at least 1 Mbit/s download and 0.5 Mbit/s upload to the servers.

You can check your internet speeds using Speedtest.net to one of the following closest hosts:

  • Australia: Melbourne Internode
  • USA: Dallas, TX speedtest.net
  • EU: Amsterdam speedtest.net

Packet loss or network lag in transit between a client and the server will also cause issues.

Many transit issues like packet loss are temporary.

Avoid playing over Wi-Fi or mobile / cellular networks.