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UI is Slow

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In-game UI is Slow


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Build menus for fabricators, factories and commanders take seconds to appear and generally feels laggy.

Check Minimum System Requirements

Some systems are under powered and may struggle even if they meet the minimum system requirements.

Out of Date Drivers

Make sure you have the latest drivers and get them directly from the manufacturer.

Laptop manufacturers are notorious for providing out of date graphics drivers that are often many years old. Download your graphics drivers directly from Intel, AMD or NVIDIA.

If you have hybrid graphics then you need to update both even if you only use the discrete graphics card.

Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)

If you have an older GPU or recently upgraded to a 10 series Nvidia GPU you may need to use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) before installing the latest driver:

Dual GPUs

If you have a dual GPU system with switchable graphics check that both your high performance dedicated GPU and integrated Intel GPU are using the latest drivers. Coherent UI will often default to the integrated Intel GPU.

Select the High Performance GPU with Switchable Graphics

If you have a dual GPU system with switchable graphics using an under powered integrated Intel GPU then please check that both Planetary Annihilation and Coherent UI are using your high performance dedicated GPU with latest drivers.

AMD Switchable Graphics:

Nvidia Optimus Control Panel:

Check Allocated VRAM for Integrated Intel GPUs

Check the BIOS for any option to increase the allocated VRAM (video ram).

Intel HD Graphics Black Screen or Slow Load

Check Firewall / Antivirus and Windows Incompatible Software

Test with your firewall / antivirus disabled then add exceptions for both Planetary Annihilation, CoherentUI and the server to prevent real time scanning.

Also check Windows Incompatible Software

Test Windows Compatibility Options

If you have any full screen display or high DPI issues then test the following:

Reducing Coherent Processes

For under powered systems you can limit the number of Coherent UI rendering processes using the --coherent-options="--renderer-process-limit=16" command line parameter (launch options in steam).

Try a few different numbers less than 16 to optimize for your computer. eg 8