Failed to Start Game (Missing Executable)

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Titans-icon.png Failed to Start Game (Missing Executable)

Platinum-rank-icon.png Description

When trying to launch PA, you get the error "Failed to Start Game (Missing Executable)"


PA only comes with a 64-bit executable. Trying to run the game on a 32-bit OS will result in the missing executable error. You can check if your OS is 64-bit by typing the following command in a terminal:

uname -m

The response should be x86_64. If it's not, download a 64-bit version of your Linux distribution and install that. Note that you can only install a 64-bit OS if your CPU is compatible. Almost all CPUs are, but you can check by typing the command

lscpu | grep "bit"

It should list 64-bit as one of the options. Otherwise, your CPU is incompatible.