Custom Strategic Icons

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Titans-icon.png Adding Custom Strategic Icons

Gold-rank-icon.png Unit Icon Selection

Units have a default icon name based on the unit json name, so assault_bot.json would have icon name of assault_bot.

Units can override the strategic icon name by including the si_name property. For example, each commander has a different json name, but the base commander includes "si_name": "commander", so they all use the generic commander icon.

Gold-rank-icon.png Icon Files

The path to strategic icons is constructed by the icon atlas, so generally they are in:


Where icon1 is the icon name.

Gold-rank-icon.png Registering Icons

If you just need to add a small number of icons and are not concerned about multiple mods cumulatively exceeding max icons, all you need is an icon_atlas mod with:

model.strategicIcons.push('icon1', 'icon2', 'icon3')

For larger deployments, HodgePodge includes max icon protection and fallback aliasing.