Community Mods Testing

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Titans-icon.png Community Mods Testing

For release notes see: Planetary Annihilation Community Mods Release Notes

For an implementation overview see: Planetary Annihilation Community Mods Implementation

Gold-rank-icon.png Install the PTE

Install the PTE build using steam or the PA launcher.

Gold-rank-icon.png Locate your PA directory and PTE installation directory

Locate your PA Directory

Make a backup of your entire PA directory.

Locate the PTE directory in your PA installation. The PTE installation directory will be different if installed using steam.

Gold-rank-icon.png Update the user interface in your copy of PA

Merge replace media/ui in your PA app directory with

Fonts and videos are not in github so if you replace media/ui you will need to at least add back the fonts to /media/ui/main/shared/font/

Gold-rank-icon.png Update the server script in your copy of PA

Replace media/server_script in your PA app directory with

Gold-rank-icon.png Create empty client_mods and server_mods directories

For faster startup... rename your client_mods directory to client_mods-PAMM and server_mods directory to server_mods-PAMM in your PA directory.

The client_mods directory may be named just mods on older installs.

File system mods are only used during mod development.

Gold-rank-icon.png Launching the test build

On windows the test build is launched manually using the first PA.exe in your copy (not the PA.exe inside bin_x64).

Gold-rank-icon.png Switching between the test and stable build

To switch back to the stable build rename client_mods-PAMM back to client_mods and server_mods-PAMM back to server_mods in your PA directory.

Gold-rank-icon.png Some mods may no longer work

Various mods that use new functionality have been updated for this build and some may load different versions from PAMM.

The following mods will not work:

  • ubermap

Gold-rank-icon.png Focus areas for testing

Please focus on the following areas:

  • mod mounting and resetting
    • mounting of client mods during startup
    • remounting of client mods on return to start
    • mounting / remounting of client mods in galactic war with different loadouts and technology discovered
    • deferred mounting of server mods when hosting a game
    • resetting of server mods when leaving a game and returning to start
  • uberbar functionality
    • without pa chat installed
    • with pa chat installed
  • general unmodded live game experience related to mouse handling, selection and functionality of each live game panel
  • general build stability unmodded and modded
  • custom server integration (without faster server browser or PA stats installed)
    • can see custom server games
    • can host custom server games
      • max players and max spectators are based on server max
    • can join custom server games
    • can invite to custom server games
    • can receive invites to custom server games
  • game invite improvements
    • no invite to game option when already in lobby
    • no invite to game option when already invited
    • invites are updated with lobby status
    • invites are updated with lobby password
    • invites are cancelled when inviter leaves game lobby
    • invites are cancelled when game starts with no free spectator slots
  • new game lobby improvements
    • chat history is loaded after a refresh, load system, etc
    • server mods show with tooltips
    • server mods status shows for hosts (uploading / downloading / mounting)
    • AI personalities
    • selected system info
  • live game improvements
    • player summary / list for both players and spectators with left / right click
    • planet summary tooltip and previews
    • planet list
  • saved game and play from here on local servers with and without server mods

Gold-rank-icon.png Frameworks testing

Install latest PTE then merge replace media/ui in your PA app directory with


  • unmodded and modded UI looks and operates the same as current PTE across different languages
  • look for any styling or layout differences (may be very subtle)
  • look for any NEW javascript errors that show in console or logs

Gold-rank-icon.png Download testing

  • install latest PTE
  • rename existing client_mods / mods and server_mods directories (they need to be missing or empty)
  • set command line options (space separated)
    • --localstorageurl=localstorage-testing (clean config)
    • --forwardlogs
    • --log-threshold=6
    • --coherent-log-level=TRACE
  • launch PA
  • install legion expansion and quit before downloaded
  • delete all files in $PA/download (just to be sure)
  • restart PA
  • wait for download to complete and start to show
  • post full client log in testing room
  • post 3 separate manual download times in seconds using chrome for:

Gold-rank-icon.png Still in progress

  • requesting permission timeout / cancel option
  • connecting to server timeout / cancel option
  • system info in server_browser, load_planet, new_game, live_game_planets, etc (replacing functionality from faster server browser, system sharing and better system view)
  • user interface for download errors

Gold-rank-icon.png Future updates

  • unit selector
  • community mods manager UI updates