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Gold-rank-icon.png Planetary Annihilation Friends

Planetary Annihilation friends are managed within PA when logged in using the contacts list or community chat in the uberbar at bottom.

PA friends are separate and not synced with any other service. eg steam friends.

uberbar (at bottom):


  • community chat
  • contacts list
    • status (at top of contacts list)
      • change display name
    • friends tab
      • online friends
      • offline friends
    • recent tab
      • A-Z alphabetical list of recent contacts / search results
      • Date sorted list of recent contacts / search results
    • search players
  • notifications
  • time

Right click on a player name in any of the following for more options:

  • community chat username (message or room list)
  • friends
  • recent
  • search results

The standard right click options are:

  • invite to game (friends only)
  • invite to chat / chat
  • send friend request / unfriend
  • block / unblock

Community Chat adds:

  • replays (when not in a live game)
  • mention (in chat rooms)

To add a PA friend send them a friend request using right click on their name in any of the following:

  • community chat
  • recent
  • search results

Friends need to be logged in and online to accept friend invites.