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Planetary Annihilation Client Mods

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Titans-icon.png Client Mods

Client mods are mounted (loaded) on the client and change the local experience for a player.

Client mods are NOT mounted for all players and cannot change units or unit specs in a game.

Platinum-rank-icon.png Client Mod Types

There are four basic types of client mods:

  • user interface (UI)
  • effects
  • unit build
  • map packs (currently a special type of UI client mod)

Examples of UI client mods are:

  • add xmpp multi-user chat rooms to the uberbar scene
  • add shared maps to the load planet scene

Example of effects mods are:

  • change weapon effects to show more clearly what is shooting at you

Examples of unit build client mods are:

  • change the area build of mines from a circle to a strip four wide

Platinum-rank-icon.png Companion Mods

Companion mods are a special type of client mod that is created to reduce the size of large server mods.

Files not needed on the server are moved into a companion client mod to make uploading and downloading of the server mod faster.

The trade off is that the server mod no longer contains all files required to join, spectate or watch a replay of the game that used the server mod.

When a companion mod is required they are automatically:

  • downloaded if not in downloads cache
  • updated if existing download is out of date
  • activated (mounted) only for the current game