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Planetary Annihilation Community Chat

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Planetary Annihilation Community Chat

The Community Chat mod provides:

  • global chat in Titans & Classic PA
  • replaced the PA Chat mod automatically

Web version: (requires Chrome / Chromium / Safari / Firefox latest)

Chrome is much faster.

Also see:

Browser Support

Best Performance

  • latest Chrome or Chromium

OK but not recommended

  • latest Safari
  • latest Firefox
  • latest Mobile Safari on iOS

Poor Performance with No Chat

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer


  • no room limit although current user interface may slow with massive room user list eventually (PA Chat limit using XMPP was 100)
  • no commands now... everything is right click with name at top for confirmation and help on top right
  • no bans now... just system wide mutes where they can see everything but not contribute
  • no private rooms for now... only global and tournaments
  • no game invite spam... only friends, recent contacts and search results can now be invited
  • usernames for inactive users show as dimmed for historical messages
  • individual users can be auto muted based on filters, rate limits, history, etc
  • max message size is 200... do not test the limits
  • individual messages can be permanently muted (and umuted)
  • individual messages can be permanently deleted (and undeleted)
  • individual messages can be auto muted and auto deleted based on filters, rate limits, history, etc
  • individual messages are auto translated and may be auto muted or auto deleted based on translation
  • all messages are logged

See Planetary Annihilation Community Chat Implementation for more info.

Real world limit with current shared server resources is around a thousand users in room with 2,500+ online.

To Do

  • alternate user list for over 1000
    • possibly filtered to show to moderators, friends, recently played / contacted, similar rank
  • more settings in help:
    • default max height (currently 50%)
    • max height for live game (currently 50%)
  • may add back top edge drag to set max height settings


Community Chat is a big refactor of the PA Chat internals to use the new Community Chat server based on web sockets with an improved user interface that is cross browser, scales better and can be shared easily between and the Community Chat mod.

The previous PA Chat was a big refactor of the original PA Stats chat client mod with /chat reworked to make chat only responsive for at least Chrome or Chromium based browsers. was originally based on my Faster Server Browser client mod changes added to the server browser HTML5/JavaScript user interface with lots of tweaks to fake out the PA engine and Coherent UI in a web browser.

Uber forums thread: